Changing Diets, Changing Lives

We transform the lives of people living in food poverty by giving them the help and practical support they need to buy and cook tasty, healthy and affordable food.

Can you help give a family the gift of cooking?

Can you give the gift of cooking? Any donation big or small will make a huge difference. You’ll be helping someone facing food poverty to take more control of their diets and finances and improve their health and well-being for good. 

bags of taste delivered ingredients

Join a Course

Take part in our fun and easy Bags of Taste programme and learn to cook delicious food.

We’ll teach you how to save money and cook better than any take-away – and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

We’ll deliver the food, equipment and everything you need to your door, completely free of charge.

Work With Us

We work across communities with a wide range of partners including commissioners, referrers and local charities and organisations.

Because we are an authority on dietary behaviour change, we work with a wide range of public health and charity organisations including the NHS who commission us to provide our Mentored Home Cooking Programme for their cohorts.

Our partners are crucial to our mission to help more people in more locations. Together, we can change lives for good.

Get involved!

We’d love you to join us on our journey to make sure that everyone can afford, buy and cook good food. We’ve lots of opportunities for you to share and develop your skills to empower people to support themselves.

There’s lots of exciting and rewarding ways that you can get involved with Bags of Taste. Organise a fundraising event or donate and help raise vital funds, or volunteer.

Whether you have technical, organisational, administrative or outreach skills, we have a place for you at Bags of Taste. Please get in touch!