We have worked face to face with thousands of participants, which has given us a deep understanding of the people that we work with, and their challenges to eating a better diet.  In this image we’ve described four typical types of people and the motivations they may have to change their diets.  We have also included the primary barriers they face to cooking – more on this later in this page, including the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

We know that certain aspects of our intervention are critical for different groups; for instance those people regularly eating tasty takeaways believe they won’t like the taste of healthy food.  Although we reach people across this spectrum, the majority of our participants come from the middle two groups.

Broadly speaking, the barriers that people in poverty face are caused by the Social Determinants of Health

– the complex, interlinked, wider societal issues that influence our health.  We have outlined these in the diagram below

These barriers can be divided into 4 categories:

What it costs

How you feel about it

Things outside of your control

What you can learn