How a referral to us can help you achieve more for those you support

We all know that eating a better diet can bring a huge range of benefits, including better physical and mental health and better finances.

Supporting the people that you work with to engage with Bags of Taste will help you to achieve much more with the same resources.

Participants on our Mentored Home Cooking Programme gain more control over their lives, improving their mental heath and well-being, which can in turn help them engage with other services.

Improved confidence and a sense of achievement; of providing for their families and better control over their finances are powerful forces that can change participants’ outlook on their lives. You can provide all of this with a little encouragement and a simple referral.  It’s fun free, and fun!


Referring to our Mentored Home Cooking Programme gives participants skills and confidence that help them look for and find work.

Find out more about how Bags of Taste helps with employability.