What we deliver

  • Complete delivery of a three-stage intervention that inspires and supports cohorts to change the way they cook, shop and eat, and to maintain these changes throughout their lives;
  • An intervention expressly designed for people in poverty, which includes food, digital and fuel poverty
  • A programme that inspires life changes that open doors to others: changing diets=changing lives
  • We adapt our programme to meet special requirements, helping commissioners meet specific objectives.
  • Ongoing support to participants that sustains commitment to the new habits we’ve helped them build;
  • An online course accessible with low-tech equipment (just a phone) to ensure the most vulnerable participants (and their carers) can participate with no need even to leave the house;
Refer to Bags of Taste:Ken's story
  • Highly-qualified and experienced mentors – we are endorsed by the Association for Nutritionists (AfN), the main nutritionist certifying body in the UK, for mentoring
  • Specialist support for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • Powerful and proven long-term outcomes: improved physical and mental health and annual financial savings for students of more than ten times the cost of providing the course,

To discuss our shared objective of helping vulnerable people – and how our work can help you with yours..