Students Frequently Asked Questions

No – please join a course as soon as you are able. The courses do not build on the lesson before so you will not feel “lost” and it’s always good to join when you’re feeling enthusiastic! If you join late in a course, we will register you for the next one so you can keep learning.

If you are vegetarian, you will cook a vegetarian option to the meat dishes on the dedicated vegetarian table. So don’t worry – you’ll have just as much fun!

If you are vegan, please let us know. Many of our vegetarian dishes are vegan anyway, but we can make amendments to most non vegan recipes to ensure that they are vegan for you. We will require reconfirmation that you are attending the day before the class please, so we can get special vegan products in for you.

So long as we are aware, we can usually provide halal meat for you

Please fill in the referral form on the course registration page.

Our course is designed for adults and usually classes run in the day when children are at school. However, we can sometimes accommodate children. Please contact us to enquire and we will have the person running the course discuss your requirements.

Of course you can! Please register them too, though.

We always cook two dishes every session, and they are usually very different, so it’s quite rare that you don’t enjoy at least one of the dishes!

No! the sessions are FREE and we provide all the ingredients to cook with. After the cooking, we all sit down and eat what we have cooked together so you also get a free meal. At the end of the class, we have discount kitchen equipment such as knife sharpeners for £1 for sale, and also £3 ingredients bags with ingredients for everything you cooked in the lesson (meals for four people), so you can go home and practice what you have learned immediately. All these purchases are entirely optional – it’s up to you.

YES. Our sessions operate on a drop-in basis so if you can’t make all the sessions in a course, it may be possible for you to join the next course anyway. We know people lead busy lives and do our best to accommodate that.

We have a private students group on facebook, which contains all our recipes (about 50 of them), and videos. Please apply to join.

Please look at the back of your recipes which have local ingredients sourcing. If that doesn’t help, and you are on the Facebook Students Area, then you can ask your tutor there, you should get a reply quite quickly and perhaps even from a classmate who already bought it locally. Otherwise, please email or text us and we will do our best to help.