This is the paperwork that’s included as standard in the bags (or posted if no bags)

Click on the image to see it in more detail.

Welcome Sheet.  This gives students an idea of what to expect, covers equipment needed, and also outlines any supplemental food they may wish to buy.

Onion Chopping.  This is vital for those that don’t have access to the videos, but serves as a handy reminder for everyone

Rice Cooking/ Measuring Stuff/ Vichy Carrots sheet.

Local Shopping Guide.  This is different for every area and has detailed shopping instructions and pricing for all the items referred to in the recipes. You can view a full example of this here.

Allergen advice/food safety.

Tips for cooking on a budget.

Recipe #1, Chana Masala

Recipe #2, Pasta Sauce

Recipe #3, Pilaf – vegetarian version and chicken version.

Instructions that accompany the knife sharpener.
Video to use it is here