Here are the BoT guidelines that must be followed when allocating 1:1 mentors or phone mentors.  Please do not diverge from these guidelines unless you have express approval from HQ.

1:1 and Phone Mentors safety information and guidance is available here, please ensure your mentors have this link

  1. Mentors should be fully DBS checked.
  2. Neither mentor nor student should share details of their address or other personal information
  3. Any safeguarding issues are reported immediately to Head Office.
  4. The mentor and/or the student have the right to finish any call if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and they can report this to the Area Head immediately.
  5. Mentors have the option to accept or reject this form of mentoring.

Zoom calls:

  1. In instances where the mentor is not DBS checked, and a zoom call has been requested, the Area Head will be on the call with camera off and microphone muted. The Area Head can then enter the call if needed.
  2. Ensure that only the relevant student can access the lesson.
  3. Think about what is in your background – is this something you would be happy for the other person to see?
  4. Set the rules for the call with the student prior to the Zoom call in the same way that the WhatsApp chats are set out prior to beginning:
  5. Only the cooking is discussed
  6. Keep the dialogue professional and kind
  7. Keep the chat Covid Free.
  8. The mentor or staff member should be the “host” for the call so we are always in control, not the student