You may find it easier to ask the questions below and fill in the form after the phone conversation.

Q1. Do you feel more confident or less stressed about preparing food from scratch?
Q2. Do you think you will cook more after this course?
Q3. All the recipes you have learnt cost about 60p per portion (less than £1, if you added meat). Has the course helped you see ways you could reduce the amount you spend on food?
Q4. How much do you think you could save on food bills a week, including takeaways, using Bags of Taste recipes and tips?

Ask them to think about how many takeaways they typically eat a week.
If the answer is a range of amounts then please enter an average – we need ONE number please
Tell them how much their saving will add up to in a year!

Q5. Please tell me what you are proud of doing on this course, and what made it fun or easy?

Encourage the participant to reflect on their goals they set at the start of the programme and if they have achieved them; if they have, this is something to be proud of!

Q6. Is there anything else the participant would like to tell us?

We’re interested in the wider changes they’ve made to their general lifestyle.  Are they eating/cooking with family and friends, how are the family eating or shopping differently, and most particularly what they intend to change going forward – will they keep on cooking?

Q7. Can we contact you again in the future to see how you are getting on?

Occasionally we will do long term evaluations, but the chance of contact is not very likely – we won’t be harassing them!

Q8. How will they engage with us going forward?

Facebook/WhatsApp – you can send them the links in the form