Participants join our Mentored Home Cooking Courses for one or more of a number of reasons.  They may need an emergency food package; they may want to connect with other people or feel lonely; they may need to save money on their food bills, improve their diets or find something to do during lockdown/self isolation.

Here is what some of our participants said after completing the course:

  • I would recommend. It’s been really helpful. I’d make the chick pea curry again. It helped me got into hte process of cooking; I got better with you guys and I didn’t cook veg before. Now I want to eat better for my body to be well. 
  • It was really good. I never thought ‘what do I do with these ingredients?’ the step by step instructions were so good. 
  • Definitely recommend. I’m not that great on vegetarian food and it was really good for that.
  • I tried new things and it worked. Enjoyed it very much
  • I haven’t eaten chickpeas in a long time, and never had with curry. I made my variations on the recipes  
  • I can cut onions better now; all the cubes are the same size – it’s very pleasing. It has made me see how much food you can waste if you don’t know how to cook. It has allowed me to find recipes, prompted my curiosity. Having the videos means you can keep on watching if you don’t follow the first time. There’s just enough information and the reminders to cook were useful. 
  • It has given me different ideas for cooking. You get stuck in your ways, and although I could cook, there were things I would never have thought of like the chickpea and mushroom pilaff. I would never have thought of that and I added chicken as well and that was enough food for a couple of days. It helped stress wise, as I enjoy cooking and it gave me something to focus on.
  • I liked learning new recipes and it gave me something to do during this lockdown when my therapy group is not working
  • I like the fact that the meals are cheap and on the sheets it tells you where to buy the ingredients cheaply. I liked cooking new meals
  • It is good course for those who think they are not well enough to cook. The recipes are not too difficult. It has been a good experience and has motivated me to do more cooking on my own.
  • Very good course with great recipes to try which are easy to read and understand.