We demonstrate recipes.  We support the students to cook the same recipe.  We then sit down together for a social lunch eating what they’ve very proudly cooked.  Almost every student buys the ready bagged ingredients and goes home to cook the same meals again and share them with their families (£3 for 4 meals!).  Seen once, cooked twice – they’ve nailed it!  It’s so important for them to successfully cook it at home as the enthusiasm of friends and family are what keeps them cooking long term.

The benefits are dramatic.  Changing cooking habits inspires healthy attitudes, confidence, wellbeing and money saving for the whole family, which, in turn, reduces the strain on the NHS.  Our goal is to stop the dependency on fast and processed food and move them to a position where they can cook for themselves.  Typically people almost stop eating unhealthy, cheap takeaways & ready meals. Please help me raise funds for our Islington Branch, where I volunteer, to continue the good work of Bags of Taste.  Please take some time to look at interviews with participants on this page and find out how it’s changing lives forever.

Josh, featured in this short BBC video, now volunteers with us regularly.

Ken, a recovering alcoholic who now volunteers with us, talks about the impact Bags of Taste has had on his life.

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