“Learning these recipes got me out of a cooking rut.

Also being in the group is really motivating if you get a bit stuck or distracted.

I will definitely be including these recipes in my cooking in future.”

“Because I am a type 1 diabetic, my ingredients bag had bulgur wheat in it instead of rice. I hadn’t cooked that before. I followed the instructions and it was perfect. We really enjoyed it. I will definitely make this again and experiment a bit!

Another successful meal!!”

“For people with mental health problems, it’s good to know that there’s ways out there to help you cope. I’m always trying to find ways to de-stress and cooking is now a way for me to do that.

Sometimes I could go days without eating and now I look forward to coming home and cooking, I’m binning all my microwave meals.”

“Me and my mum are planning on spending time cooking together, we want to try all sorts: Jamaican food, Mexican food, we both loved the pasta sauce with tuna.

Twenty-two years of being on this planet and I didn’t know how to cook – I’d burn toast and now I can cook. I’ve never been proud of cooking a meal until now, I’m really impressed with myself.”

“I would definitely encourage someone to participate, It is so nice to have the connection around a shared activity, even if it is remote.

It was amazing to have all the ingredients provided and all the thought and detail given to it to make everything as accessible as possible.”

“It was great to see everyone’s unique version of the meals we were cooking and to receive gentle and supportive encouragement and guidance.

I have really appreciated it all.”

“It has brought down cost especially on the run up Christmas so all my children have gifts.

I feel motivated, with a sense of achievement.”

“Thank you for your kindness in preparing all the bags with love. We can see that it took time in the preparation of them. It was very thoughtful of you.

As a mother, I’m always buying and preparing things for my family to show them my care for them, but it is very rare to feel cared for.”


“It’s a great course to join. You learn the basics and how to prepare veg, and cook healthily within a budget.

It’s good on WhatsApp because you don’t have to meet up. I wouldn’t have been able to come to a class with a 2yr old.

The videos are helpful and you can rewind them to watch again ”

“This course is for everyone. It has really helped me to manage family meals and the health benefits have been great.

I now have healthy meals ready in my fridge, so do not resort to rubbish food because I am hungry.”