Volunteering with Bags of Taste

“If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others” – African proverb

Here at Bags of Taste, volunteers are key to everything we do.  Together, we have changed the lives of over 4,000 participants.  Join us in our mission to eradicate food poverty!

Our Mentored Home Cooking Courses are very popular, and with food poverty and use of food banks soaring, your help is more needed than ever.

Our Mentored Courses provide a combination of

  • emergency food aid, as we give the ingredients free for 7 meals
  • teaching our participants how to save money on their food bills
  • learn food skills and resilience
  • improve their mental health by eating well and developing an interest
  • emotional support via personal mentors and connection with others
  • Food Delivery

    Help us to deliver our free ingredients bags locally, to people that really need them and want to start our course!

  • Outreach

    Help us publicise our Virtual Courses via social media, word of mouth or contacting other organisations

  • Administration

    Super organised? You can help us in the nerve centre of our work – evaluation, volunteers, data and more!

Mentored Home Cooking Course Mentor

Can you spare an hour a week for two weeks, to mentor participants of our Home Cooking courses?  Mentoring takes place on WhatsApp, phone, email or Facebook Messenger.  It’s very rewarding supporting participants through their food journey and they share their progress with you along the way.  Here’s some feedback from our participants.

You can help wherever you are in the country.  All you need is empathy and a calm, consistent approach – you don’t even need IT skills as some participants require phone mentors.

We will provide training and support throughout the process.  Click here for further details of what it involves

Bag Delivery

Are you available to make occasional ingredients bag deliveries in your local area?  If you’re located in any of the areas we’re currently delivering bags, we could use your help.  Ideally if you have a bike or car, but possibly even on foot, we need to get the bags to our participants who might be vulnerable, isolating or scared to leave their houses.  Even one bag is a help!


Do you have any of the following skills?

  • Knowledge of the local community and other projects/community networks in areas we work in
  • Ability to research & organise contact details of relevant potential partner charities/groups
  • The ability to communicate/empathise with different groups.

Outreach is harder without face to face contact, so we could use all the help we can to get the word out about our excellent courses!


Bags of Taste is a complex and varied organisation with many roles. We have various admin roles that can be performed from home.  They include

  • Volunteer management
  • Supporter engagement
  • Design and Publishing
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Evaluation and interviewing
  • Administration and/or organisational skills
  • Fundraising

Please write to us and let us know what your background is so we can best use your skills.


We are always looking for help with improving our web design, user experience and content. If you’re a UX or content expert, a copywriter or a WordPress guru, we’d love to hear from you!