Measuring Our Success: Statistics

 We measure our results on each individual programme and gather feedback from every single participant.

  • 86% of participants cooked more frequently after the course
  • 68% said that they feel more confident to cook
  • 70% of people identified ways of reducing food costs
  • 77% of all students completed the programme
  • We identified an average weekly saving of £17 across all programmes; an annual saving of over £884
Takeaway consumption

“It’s shown me how I can reduce my weekly spend. I’d save about £15 on my normal shop, or £30 including takeaways, each week”

“I feel more confident planning meals from scratch as I’m now not afraid of trying new food for cheaper. All the dishes are healthier and cheaper to buy than a ready meal. I feel like a weight has been lifted from doing this course as I don’t have to plan or panic buy. Thank you for all the support.”

“I no longer do takeaways and have started loving cooking and enjoying eating it”

Improved Diets and Overall Health

Our programmes are proven to help people

  • improve their diets – we see a reduction in take-aways and an increase in vegetable consumption
  • by supporting overall health and well-being – people reported feeling more confident, that they had lost weight and have more energy. Some with pre-existing conditions like arthritis and diabetes saw improvements in their symptoms
  • improve their mental health – some participants reported feeling ‘better within themselves, more confident and more adventurous; willing to try things themselves’

Other family members also reported health benefits resulting from changes to their diets, These will benefit their children, and their children’s children.

“I really liked the chickpeas – the channa masala recipe – which I’d never tried making before. This course is really going to change my life. Even though I cooked every day before I’ve still learned more things I didn’t know before, so I’d love to go further and learn more and more. I’d love to share my experience and I enjoy sharing my help. I’m very happy. This course has given me lots of happiness. I’ve enjoyed it a lot! A great experience.”

“Doing the course has opened up conversations with my children about what meals we eat as a family. They’ve become much more interested in what they’re eating and what goes in to their dishes. They’ve been open to trying new things even when they’ve not liked them but have made suggestions for what they would substitute and how they would amend the recipes to suit their tastes. Having always felt the responsibility for cooking was mine alone, it now feels more collaborative as  a family even if I still do the bulk of the work.”


Creating Connections and Promoting Cohesion

A key part of what we do is also creating communities – we’ve connected thousands of people through our online peer communities where they can get long-term support, advice and encouragement.

This means participants can continue to afford, buy, cook and share good food throughout their  lives.

Many people tell us they felt more connected to others:

  • The programme made them feel less isolated, both socially and emotionally
  • Sharing an activity made them feel part of a community; they loved the camaraderie of the groups
  • They enjoyed making new friends over Whats app and were hugely motivated to share food tips and pictures of what they cooked

Empowering, Motivating and Sustaining

Participants told us that:

  • The programme made them feel more in control of other aspects of their lives. It motivated one participant to apply for a job as a chef and encouraged another to apply for an online course. He told us it gave him ‘confidence about life’.
  • People tell us they loved doing the mentored programme with their children, saying they felt that they bonded while they cooked
  • Independent, long term evaluations of our Mentored Cooking programme  showed that 86% had made lasting changes to the way they eat